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Chris Lippincott will unveil practical and proven techniques to develop your budding mediumship and spirituality using an understandable, step-by-step roadmap. He brings extensive practical and specific knowledge from his  years of experience serving spirit and clients alike. Furthermore, he is familiar with the conflicting approaches to teaching mediumship and which ones offer the best results with the least confusion. For the more advanced medium, he offers private mentorships to help students reach further.

He incorporates some of the most well regarded approaches to teaching mediumship used by tutors from England's renowned Arthur Findlay College. His philosophy to teaching is incorporated in the belief that if the student becomes better than the teacher, he has done his job. 

Chris's passion is teaching the greater reality of our spiritual connectedness and how everyone can learn how to link with spirit's love. As an international psychic medium, Chris's joy is bringing through spirit's love that helps transform people's lives and leads them to live a full life again. 
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How I Got Here

As a child, I was quite aware of spirit; I just never fully realized what spirit was trying to do. I was also quite hyperactive and somehow felt different from the other kids, but I didn't know why. I grew skeptical as I grew older and initially shut down my ability to connect. I never went looking for spirit; they found me. I was led by the nose to mediumship by spirit that had a very different agenda than I did. 

After a profound spiritual awakening that shook me to my core when I was older, I began to search for a detailed understanding of the spirit world.  

During one particularly deep meditation, 4 spirits appeared in my mind's eye in the form of silhouettes. One spirit expressed deep, unconditional love for me as well as my divinely created soul. Everything around me suddenly emanated intense, pure, unconditional love. It existed everywhere around me, and my entire being pulsated with this high vibration of love energy. I had become love and was one with this universe. I realized the illusion of duality and separation and awoke to the reality of unity and singularity.

Soon afterwards, I felt unusually sensitive to spirit. My deceased relatives began to visit me in vivid dreams, I'd feel tingling sensations all over, I'd sense energy around me and I'd see in my mind's eye very clear images as a clairvoyant. I also felt a strange sense of calmness and peace more often. At that point I knew something in me was irrevocably changing, and I had to explore what was occurring.  

I realized I'd been given a wonderful ability of communication with spirit that was meant to be shared with others and used for love. I soon began to learn about metaphysics and how I could develop my spirit communication to its maximum potential. Most of my adult life, I've been studying the afterlife, metaphysics and developing my mediumship to the best of my ability in an effort to bring comfort and healing to those in need. 

I now give sitters the opportunity to connect with their loved ones in spirit and receive messages from them during their readings.  I believe that, like a doctor, a psychic medium must above all do no harm and must follow a strict code of ethics.  

Most importantly, I now teach others how to connect with the spirit world, for everyone has this innate ability lying dormant beneath the surface. I also help developing psychics and mediums to clarify their connection by teaching them how to open the portal for spirit to enter. 
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