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“SDA has benefitted me in so many ways. I think anyone who takes this will only benefit from it. This program has helped me live a more fulfilling life and help those around me live their best lives. I now feel more grounded, in tune with the universe and in tune with love. I'm now more at peace, more grateful, more excited about life, more trusting, more confident, more kind and more present. I just cant imagine where I'd be if I hadn't come across this course. If you have any thoughts about this course, I highly recommend it.”
“As a result of completing SDA, I feel so much lighter and everything is flowing with love and gratitude. I’m now able to share loving kindness with others in my community. People have noticed a big improvement in my happiness, energy and spirituality. For me SDA stood out vs other courses because the course awakens you and the practice continues for a lifetime! Chris is one of those teachers who shows us what to look for but not what to see! The possibilities are endless and knowing the power within is key to success.
Suhanthi Mohanadas
"I started SDA as a bit of a lost soul looking for more in my life. By completing the course I’ve learned to let go of my past hurt and anger and practice forgiveness. One of the biggest things that this led to was me being present in my life, and that’s the most important thing I pulled from this class. I no longer worry about the things that happened in the past that have caused me that hurt and pain and anger or no longer worry about things in the future that are beyond my control. So the biggest thing I can tell you is “Be. Here. Now.” I don’t know what I would have done without SDA or Chris. Thank you so much."
 “I highly recommend taking this course whether you are a beginner or more advanced. There is something for everyone. Chris, the instructor makes it easy to understand and he is very relatable. The course thoroughly encompasses all of the material needed to begin/further your spiritual journey. The exercises he gives to develop your psychic senses are easy to follow and so valuable I have used them over and over.  
When/if Chris offers another course I will not hesitate to take it. It is affordable yet priceless!!!!”
“This course is an excellent introduction to the world of Mediumship! It is very thorough, practical and easy to follow. You will have all the tools necessary for your spiritual journey. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in developing a solid foundation in Mediumship.”
“The courses’s modules are complete with practice exercises that allow the learner to strengthen their spirit connection in a personalized way. Chris’s teaching works to honor spirit first and foremost, providing opportunity for deeper connections. His empathy, kindness, and genuine nature allow the learner to feel safe and supported during their journey.”

"Chris is a very genuine and compassionate medium. Accurate and honest--and I am a psychic medium, who is not impressed with any of them. This guy blew me away! I needed my own validation and he was clear and right on the money! I highly recommend his services!"
"I want to start with letting everyone know I have gone to many mediums as I have many loved ones on the other side. Most readings you could argue whether or not a loved one truly came through, but with Chris it was different. He not only explained my loved ones but actually my uncle came through him, Including his mannerisms and even right down to his voice. It sent chills through me. Chris was not only gracious with his time, but he is so affordable for what he offers. I highly highly recommend him as he gives proof our loved ones still exist. Thank you again!"
"I saw Chris at a public mediumship demonstration.  The reading he gave me was nothing short of amazing. He described my late uncle in intricate detail. When he mentioned that this man was holding an infant, I couldn't contain my emotions. I lost my son in 2015. To know he was with him brought so much peace to my heart. I can't express the gratitude I have for Chris. He has an amazing gift. I am so thankful that he was able to connect with my family."
"Chris was absolutely phenomenal! I  wanted my love, my soulmate, Logan to come through so bad and I was not disappointed! Chris had no idea of my desires concerning this. He validated my Logan more ways than I can count! Logan came through, and true to his character, with a bang! I can honestly say this was the most touching, and heartwarming, joyful experience I have had thus far with a medium. "
Megan Doyle
"I was amazed at how well Chris was able to discern details about my son that he wouldn't have otherwise known (including the circumstances surrounding how he passed as well as my son's feelings). His sense of my son's overall personality/spirit was spot-on as well. I am so comforted knowing that my son is truly still with me even though I can't see him."
"Chris is an amazingly gifted medium. He picked up my husband, Bob, right away and described his appearance and characteristics to a tee. He was even able to pick up the details of my husband’s memorial as if he were physically there. I was blown away by his accuracy. Chris was able to maintain communication with Bob for the entire session. I was overjoyed to be able to spend a little more time with my husband. I highly recommend Chris and will be seeing him again."

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