Spiritual Business Mastery

This is our  highest level of private business support.

What's included?

  • 12 private 1x1 sessions (1 hour each) - 12 months
  • 24/7 access to me personally over Voxer 
    -12 months
  • Business Module bonus to scale your spiritual business
  • Complete CRM software stack to help you automate your business, track its growth and accelerate your success
  • MasterMind Group Q&A call monthly (1 hour each) -12 months
  • SDA Group call weekly (30 mins each each) - 12 months
  • Private Facebook group - lifetime
  • Includes 5 additional digital courses - lifetime:
  •     Mediumship Accelerator
  •     Spiritual Development                           Academy
  •     Energy Healing
  •     Beginner’s Mediumship
  •     Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Senses
  • Access to all of Chris’s meditations - lifetime
  • Membership to Chris’ weekly blog - lifetime
  • 100% money back guarantee

Learn how to build a complete system that frees you to focus on your spiritual work.

Are you looking to scale your spiritual business, but feel burned out? Do you have a business already, but are struggling to serve more people? Are you serious about scaling your spiritual coaching or intuitive healing business? Learn how to build a complete system that frees you to focus on your spiritual work and help more people.

Unique 1x1 mentorship plus countless valuable bonuses help you grow your impact.

Through 12 1x1 coaching sessions, group coaching calls, full access to all our digital courses for life and a sophisticated automation software stack, you’ll learn how to grow your business, bring a larger impact to the world and manifest abundance in your life.
Courses included

Spiritual Business mastery

This is the bundle of 6 digital courses that are included with Spiritual Business Mastery.

Spiritual Business Mastery

Take advantage of our highest private support to scale your spiritual business, serve more people and earn more money doing what you love.
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