Mediumship Certification Level I Mentorship

  • Tutor: Chris Lippincott
  • Level: Beginner
  • # 1x1 Sessions: 13
  • Additional Sessions Available
  • Session time: 1 hour
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Intended to Supplement Beginner's Mediumship Certification Program

What's included?

  • 13 1x1 Sessions
  • Additional Sessions Available
  • 1 Hour Sessions

Enhance Your Learning

 You will learn how to unfold your innate mediumistic abilities, how to deepen your spiritual development, ways to connect with spirit and hold a link, learn reading structure and style, the importance of evidence, and how to bring through messages from spirit. 

Bring Spirit's Love

 You will also learn how to bring through spirit's transformative love to heal those in the physical with a need to reconnect with their loved ones in the afterlife.
Meet the instructor

Chris Lippincott

Chris Lippincott is an international psychic medium and best-selling author whose evidential readings and unique information from spirit helps transform people's lives. In this course, Chris shares the vast knowledge he has gained from years of study, hundreds of his mediumship readings and what he has learned from spirit since he was a child. Chris has trained with some of the world's most well respected mediums (many from England's renowned Arthur Findlay College) including Tony Stockwell, Colin Bates, Andy Byng, Rev. Janet Nohavec, James Van Praagh, Martin Twycross, Josef Siegle and Lee VanZyl. His philosophy to teaching is incorporated in the belief that if the student becomes better than the teacher, he has done his job.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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