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Energy Healing 101

Awaken your body’s natural healing ability and fuel your own vitality.
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  • 25 Video
  • 7 Chapters
  • 340 Questions
  • 32 PDF
  • 1 Certification
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Master the body’s energy systems

Gain a detailed description of the different energy systems in the body. Learn time tested methods of healing maladies and increasing energy levels. Practice energetic tools and short, simple exercises.

Personal 1 on 1 Assessments By Chris

Obtain a more unique and individualized experience through personal 1 on 1 assessments with Chris to help you develop on your journey in a way that fits you.
Meet the instructor

Chris Lippincott

Chris Lippincott is an international spiritual medium
and bestselling author whose evidential readings
and unique information from spirit helps transform
people’s lives. Through his mediumship, Chris
provides comfort, healing and knowledge that our
loved ones in spirit are alive and well and still care
about us. It is his goal to bring this love and healing to the world using spirit’s words. Chris also teaches the fundamentals of mediumship to those on their spiritual journey. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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